ViaSource Funding Group, LLC, is a specialty financial company specializing in the purchase of life insurance policies from individuals with a current need for a portion of the policy proceeds.

Our "Strategic Partners," coupled with our use of institutional investors, has always separated ViaSource Funding Group, LLC from the rest of the industry. Decades of experience in the insurance, financial, and medical industries enable us to understand how various life insurance products work, including which policies can be sold and those that cannot.




Christopher T. Daly, Managing DIRECTOR

Mr. Daly earned a B.S. in accounting from Manhattan College. Chris is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Hartog Foods Inc., the largest importer of fruit concentrates into the United States, with revenues of over $140 million. Prior to joining Hartog, from 1993 to 1998, Mr. Daly served as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating and Financial Officer for Horowitz Rae Book Manufacturers, Inc., the largest fully integrated book printer and manufacturer in the Northeast United States, producing all styles and sizes of books, with over 350 employees. From 1983 to 1993 Mr. Daly was the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer of Brodart Co./Tura L.P. Brodart is a $150 million mini-conglomerate engaged in development of technology for libraries, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing, and was traded on the American Stock Exchange before an LBO. Tura is a $40 million importer and distributor of eyeglass frames. Brodart/Tura together has over 2,000 employees. Mr. Daly is a certified public accountant and has extensive experience in acquisitions. As the Company’s Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Daly is principally responsible for managing the financial affairs.

Marc Feaster, Managing Director

Mr. Feaster holds a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. Prior to joining ViaSource, Mr. Feaster spent ten years in the life insurance and health insurance industries. During those ten years, Mr. Feaster’s primary focus had been on designing employee benefit plans and pricing structures that provide employee benefit plan sponsors with long-term cost control. As the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Feaster is involved primarily in managing the day to day operations, including negotiating and procuring settlements, marketing, and investor relations.