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Since inception in 1999 ViaSource Funding Group, LLC has been a leader in designing financial products for institutional investors around the world. High Yield bonds, Mutual Funds and Institutional Hedge Funds have all been designed with one common theme; ViaSource has a vested interest in the performance of the product, unlike most other structures that focus primarily on fees at the sacrifice of product performance.

ViaSource continues to acquire policies at a steady pace and enhancing product performance vis-à-vis solid underwriting and portfolio management. Our strategy and unique approach to underwriting has produced portfolio performance that is unequalled in the industry.

Developing markets inherently carry additional risks and limiting risk to institutional investors is in ViaSource's interest as we are compensated based upon the performance of our products. Institutional investors considering entering the market can limit their risk by understanding the compensation structure and the performance history of originators and understand the parties to the transaction and their track records.

ViaSource believes the Life Settlement market provides a valuable service to society and can provide stable and risk adjusted returns to investors.