Sell all or a portion of your life insurance policy now to relieve financial stress caused by an illness.


1. Prevent foreclosure of a home
2. Fund experimental medical treatments
3. Provide funds for Assisted Living expenses
4. Fund or enhance retirement income

Process: The process can be broken down to 3 Stages.


Info Gathering (3-7 days): The insured completes an application and forwards the application, medical records and insurance policy information to ViaSource.


Info Analysis: This is the most lengthy stage in the process and can take up to 6 weeks. Here we’re gathering and reviewing all medical records and policy info


Bid/Closing Stage: With completion of the “analysis stage” we determine whether or not the policy is one that can be purchased and offer a price to the policy owner. If accepted we send a purchase contract and begin working with the insurance company to make the appropriate changes; Once made funds are wired to you.


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